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HC (24/02/2023)


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  1. Hindu Adoption & Maintenance Act, 1956–Sec. 11–Adoption–Establishment– More than a mere entry in the mutation record is needed to prove the adoption as per the conditions incorporated in Sec. 11.
  2. Hindu Adoption & Maintenance Act, 1956–Secs. 8 & 11–Motor Vehicles Act, 1988–Sec. 166–Compensation–Entitlement–Claim of taking in adoption by the deceased–No averments in the claim petition regarding the adoption– The natural father of the claimant admitted that he did not submit any document indicating the exact age of the claimant–He did not mention the performing the ceremony of adoption–Mere mutation entry after the death of deceased has no value to prove the fact of adoption–Further, the daughters of deceased were not impleaded as parties–This fact is sufficient to doubt the validity of adoption–Compensation was rightly declined.